This site is an indulgence. It’s primarily for me.

It’s where I place on display my creative material for public viewing – whether the viewer is invited or just wanders in.

It is a convenient place to put digital copies of my art works. When people show an interest, I can send them here – It’s a lot easier than pulling out the originals.

Self Portrait

Actually, there’s an uncanny resemblance

The name TaoJoe came about years ago when I was considering starting a craft business. I thought it was good wordplay, punning on the Dow Jones and the business aspect implied with that. It also reflects my approach to Taoism – that I’m no master – just a regular Joe.

The wonderful thing about web sites is that they are a continual work in progress.  Over time, you polish, adjust and tweak it so that it evolves towards some vision.  Sometimes it’s the vision imagined and other times it becomes what it just needs to be.

Visit & visit often.

Thanks for stopping by.