Day 5113

December 14th is the 14th anniversary of the launch of this site.
A nice testimony to consistency – if nothing else.  I’ve written before about why I post and what the purpose of the site is.  And while the site is solely for my own amusement, that is, I don’t expect, need, miss, or even want social interaction here, it would be nice to know what, if any visitors think of it.

Web stats for the site are so inflated by spamming or bot activity that they are useless as a metric of viewership.  The logs say that in November 2017 there were 25,489 visits.  Probably closer to just 25.

If you are of a mind to, send me a quick email: *tj @ taojoe com* (you know how to un-obfuscate the address).

Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s some more fractals in celebration…

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