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The Tao of Tao
First Line of The Tao Te Ching

The Tao of Tao

  • Tao is the Zen of Nature.
  • Zen is the Tao of the Individual.

This snippet of cleverness handily describes the ineffable indescribable.

First Line of The Tao Te Ching

The first line of the Tao Te Ching reads:
“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao”

Similarly, any truth that can be expressed is necessarily an incomplete truth. Further, like

Yin Yang

Yin Yang Symbol

the Yin-Yang symbol, real Truths (note that capitol “T”) contain both states within itself simultaneously. That is, when you examine an answer, you will find that is both true and false at the same time.

Mathematics, one might argue is an example where answers are simply either true or false but then doesn’t this exception actually strengthen my premise?

The above link to Allan Tsai’s explanation of the origins of the Yin Yang symbol never mentions that the white half contains a black element representing truth with an element of false within it. This is an example of yet another way that truths are not The Truth. Even if not false there is an incomplete quality to common truth versus The Truth.

There are no simple answers. Examine any question and it will have multiple answers – some of which will contradict each other. Answers are both true and false at the same time!

Rule #1: There are no black and white answers, only infinite shades of gray.

Rule #2: No question or answer can be ever be specific enough.

Rule #3: Answers are both true and false simultaneously.

Rule #4: As an answer becomes more complete it will contain more contradictions.

Questions in the everyday world are also answered as a range of probabilities. And what appears to be the truth is dependent on who is observing and defining it.

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