Some Assembly Required

Click the images for larger versions.

Some Assembly RequiredWhen my DIY atom smasher came in the mail the parts list was 340 pages long and the flux capacitor was missing.

I’m guessing that an actual exploded schematic of CERNS’s particle accelerator would probably be several orders of magnitude more complicated.

Here’s an alternative coloring:

Some Assembly Required Alternative Coloring
The dimensions of the original image was 7000 pixels wide by 2500 high.  The versions shown here are about 12% of that – the “large” versions – if you click these – are 20% of the original.

I had to render that large because the source image has a lot of extraneous, visual noise.  These stray pixels disappear when the the image is reduced in size.

Below is a version with an extended aspect ratio – sort of a wide-screen cut.

Some Assembly Required Extended

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