Positive SpaceBrain Storm - Positive Space page
These drawings all share similar technique: well defined black & white areas of powerful form and fluid structure. In spite of the clarity they create ambiguity.

Analog ArtRosebud from Analog Art page
Hand drawn illustrations seething with intense, dreamlike imagery. Sometimes raw, sometimes sensual, often explicit – these surreal graphics visually express the mind’s inner turmoil.

Heavily processed images.  Software as a creative tool.

Photographyfrom Photography page
Just that: Photographs.
Currently there are three series: Foliage, Landscapes and Textural as well as the Main Photography page

Ray Tracingsfrom Ray Tracing page
A collection of digitally rendered illustrations created in a wonderful application called Ray Dream. It may no longer be available but it offered amateurs like myself the chance to generate some wonderful eye candy.

Older ArtLake Louise from Older Art page
Some of my favorite (and better) works from the 1980’s. Plenty of cheerful color and innocent themes.

The AnnexPentaFract from The Annex page
A spill-over page for more art.