Infinite Detail Fractal Coloring Book

Taojoe’s Infinite Detail Fractal Coloring Book

8½” x 11″ format
24 designs

Fractals are not perfect – and I implore you to color these designs accordingly.
That is, while the dense mathematics underlying this art can achieve infinite precision, the software that renders the results into something printable, and hence color-able, is not.  There is a limiting resolution at which the pages can printed to be colored by you, the enthusiast.

Further, even the sharpest pencil, even a triple-zero pen tip, cannot precisely color a single computer pixel.  Luckily, you don’t have to. That concern should in no way affect the enjoyment of coloring these endlessly intriguing geometric patterns.

Below, on the left are the black & white designs to color.  On the right are my hand colored versions or a place-holder, computer colored version.  Click here to see all the hand colored versions.

Design #1
Design #2 Design 02 Colored Pencil
Design #2
Design #3 Design 03 Colored Pencil
Design #3
Design #4 Design 04 Colored Pencil
Design #4
Design #5 Design 05 Colored Pencil

I have personally colored many with standard colored pencils with very satisfying results.  In preparing for this coloring book project, I needed to assure myself that it was feasible to color these images.  I found that not only was it readily achievable but extremely enjoyable. I was thrilled and delighted at how the final versions came out.

I was also surprised by how well received the art was when I showed previews to family and friends.  Whether it was finished, uncolored or even partially finished, I found viewers excited and engaged by the results.

The lesson here is not to let the apparent complexity of the patterns stop you.  Those ultra-fine areas?  A little colorful stipple work or a strategic smudge and the viewers’ eye perceives it as if you colored it with a microscopic tool!

All the designs on this page are in the book.  Click each image to view a larger version.
On the left are the uncolored designs in the book.  To the right are examples of the designs colored in.

Scan and send me your colored versions and I’ll post them here on the finished designs gallery.

Design #5
Design #6 Design 06 Colored Pencil
Design #6
Design #7 Design 07 Colored Pencil
Design #7
Design #8 Design 08 Colored Pencil
Design #8
design-10-200-c0 Design 10 Colored Pencil

You might have noticed that these designs are not like other coloring book patterns in that there are no dark lines marking where one color begins and another ends. Instead, the designs in the book use shades of gray.  This gray shading acts as an underpaint.

Wikipedia defines underpainting as: “an initial layer of paint applied to a canvas or image, which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint or color. Underpaintings are often monochromatic and help to define color values for later painting.”

The designs in the Infinite Detail Fractal Coloring Book use underpainting as a way to make the fine details color-able.  The depth and perspective in the image is already there, in the gray shades, and is ready to be colored by you.

Use colored pencils, markers or even inks to color the patterns.

Design #9
Design #14 Design 14 Colored Pencil
Design #10
Design #15 Design 15 Colored Pencil
Design #11
Design #16 Design 16 Colored Pencil
Design #12
Design #17 Design #17
Design #13
Design #18 Design 18 Colored Pencil
Design #14
design-19-200-c0 design_19_complete_0200
Design #15
Design #20 design_20_complete_0200
Design #16
Design #23 Design 23 Colored Pencil
Design #17
Design #24 Design 24 Colored Pencil

About The Author

Dave Kaplan has been at the intersection of computing and art for over 30 years.  His interest in fractal images dates back further, and he’s been creating traditional art for even longer than that.

A full-time IT professional, now he’s spreading his abiding interest in fractal art to new audiences.

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